Tax Certification 
J. L. Gross & Company has been providing tax certification services for title companies in Texas for over 15 years. When we started years ago, instead of just producing tax certificates or other basic products, we chose to take a hard look at how our users would use this system, especially large title companies. This approach allowed us to customize our products to fit the normal processes used by the title companies.
Sample Tax Certificates
Click on the links below to view samples of our certificates:
Detailed Tax Certificate
Abbreviated Tax Certificate
Sample Certificate Email Delivery 
     What is the difference? Our approach allows users to function as a team of closers, and not necessarily as an individual.  Closers may request, print, and email products from their desk, home, or anywhere on the Internet.  Additionally, closer's files are visible to others within the same title company.  Your users (locally or at different locations if you want) can view other's files/products.  If one closer is unavailable, then other closers may help close a deal.  Final results may be emailed anywhere (as .pdf files).  It provides an immense amount of flexibility!

What else separates us from the rest? Customer service is the cornerstone of our business. Our tax certifications are high quality, and our turnaround times are usually within one to two business hours. Our customers need accurate data, on nice configurable reports, delivered in a timely manner. We consistently provide all of this.

In summary,
to aid you, our software and business processes are very well thought out, built specifically to seamlessly integrate into the many different types of title company processes. Customer service is engineered into our product as well as quality and consistency.